Saturday, December 31, 2011

Waiting for the New Year

Right now I am waiting for my friends to come to have a dinner, and to try out all the specialties that my mum made us. These are just some of the preview photos to see how I spent the last days of 2011. Enjoy!


The end of 2011

It seems so yesterday that I started my blog in August and it has been almost 5 months. Since then it has not been easy to be creative every day, to always be in the mood to take the photos and smile on them, to always find new interesting ideas and always be in the position to provide new stuff. However, this is something that is more than a passion for me; I really enjoy doing it, and I really enjoy when I get a good feedback from all of you, and that makes me even more eager to want to continue doing it.
Today I prepared you some kind of revision of previous outfits and posts, hoping that you will get at least the smallest picture of what you like the most, also what you don't like, but still be happy to continue to follow my work. I am happy to say that in 2012 I will prepare for you more stuff, something different but still very particular to my style and personality. 
I hope next year is going to be as good as the previous one, and maybe even better, because we should always ask for more, it is in our human nature!
Enjoy today's day, have fun with your friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend/ and most importantly, be proud of yourselves!


This is how it all started...