Sunday, October 30, 2011

Remembering a summer day

When I said I was going home in a couple of days, I pretty much started thinking about it and I really miss my Sundays with my family, the ones like on these photos. I love when we go on a barbecue at my grandma's place, we talk, eat, relax and those moments are unforgettable.
I cannot wait for the next weekend to come!

Have a good Sunday!


Saturday, October 29, 2011

The nature's strong yellow

Good morning, my amazing followers? How was your evening, did you start thinking of your Halloween masks? I heard that a lot of people went partying, getting ready for the next days, but sincerely I decided (for one time) to stay put, read a book and relax. Actually this morning I didn't even hear my alarm, I just turned it off at some point and continued to sleep.

Do you see how amazing these colors are? I fell in love with these autumn trees and the marvelous color of its leaves. And I love the contrast that it gives with my electric blue jeans.

I hope you plan to spend an interesting Saturday, I still have to study this weekend,and then by mid next week- going home for a couple of day. Can't wait!

I was wearing:
Zara outfit
Miss Sixty biker boots


Friday, October 28, 2011

Two sweaters & a hat

Today I'm going to focus on the article about Versace for H&M I'm supposed to write about. I am really excited about this one, it is so cool and have you actually seen the collection? So many different colors, gold details, body-waisted dresses. I love it! I cannot wait that we see it in the stores, oh yes yes.
I still have to decide whether I am gonna go to a PWP party tonight, I am sure it's gonna be awesome, but maybe it is going to be too much this one and Halloween on Monday. But let's see.

Anyways, I combined today my two sweaters because I still don't accept that we have to wear coats and jackets every day, so I am still enjoying my time with lighter clothes. Of course, this soft and fluffy hat couldn't be left out neither.

Have an amazing Friday!

I was wearing:
H&M sweaters
Miss Sixty jeans
Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch
Converse sneakers
Zara hat


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Vintage Zara coat that I bought a couple of years ago and it still fits me as if it was this year's collection and my inevitable electric blue ballerinas and bag. 
Tomorrow is going to be the day of doing nothing. Just chill, maybe some shooting with the outfits that came up to my mind today, and nooo books.

Besides of my outfit, I also took photos of some stuff that I considered interesting.

I loved the windows in Max Mara...

... and also in Penny Black.

New stuff that I bough!

I was wearing:
Zara coat&bag
Vintage scarf
Miss Sixty jeans
Mango ballerinas